Serenity Car Diffusers 

Take off plastic cap to allow fragrance oil to be released. Put the wooden cap back on the bottle without the plastic stopper. Tip the bottle over to wet the cap with the fragrance mixture. 
Hang the bottle from the rear view mirror of your car.  Adjust the length of the cords from hitting the windscreen in case of going over bumps. Any time you need to add abit more fragrance to your car, just tip the bottle over for long enough to wet the wooden cap again. 

Tip: Place plastic stopper over the bottle to keep the liquid from evaporating when not in use.

What makes our candles the best?

We use only the highest quality materials - the best wicks, glassware & quality blended soy wax. We understand the science of candle making to create the optimum burning time and best fragrance performance.

Do you wholesale? 

Yes we do! For any wholesale enquiries please email us at for more information.

Best way to burn serenity candles? 

Our recommended burn time is around 4 hours. Although burning your candle for the first time, allow the melt pool to reach the edges of the jar before blowing it out. This will prevent “tunnelling”. Never leave a candle in reach of children, pets etc. Don’t touch while in use.

Any other questions? Please message us & I’ll be happy to help xo